Security Solutions for cannabis businesses

Camera Surveillance & Access Control

Security Cameras for Commercial Cannabis Grow Operations And Dispensaries

Marijuana dispensaries are a fast-growing market segment, supplying cannabis to more and more people by the day. Even with the legalization in NJ, operating a cannabis dispensary still bring a lot of risk and liability.. Protecting your dispensary from internal and external theft, along with ensuring that your inventory stays secure is a high priority. That task can be made easy with a comprehensive camera security system. Talk to one of our sales representatives today to learn more about the ways a security system can benefit your dispensary.

Access control for sensitive grow areas and inventory spaces

The most common application of an access control system is to decide who is allowed in/out of a specific area, on a specific day, at specific hours and to log their exact entry and exit times. When you can control who is allowed within a certain area, the chances of criminal activity arising are cut in half.

  • Interactive card reader with touchscreen
  • Two-way video with phone integration
  • Easy-to-use, simple and elegant product design
  • Fully integrate with your camera system
  • Define policies and manage guest access
  • Analyze log files and create reports

Is 720p resolution good enough for a large grow facility?

If your cannabis grow operation or dispensary is using 720p security cameras, we would recommend an upgrade!

Our most affordable security cameras start at 1080p/2MP, which is about double the resolution of a 720p camera.

We offer security cameras that go all the way up to 4K/8MP. The higher the resolution a security camera has the more detail it can capture and the larger the area one camera can cover.

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