Private cloud file storage

Access your company files from anywhere.

Easily Move Your File Server To The Cloud

Quickly and easily enable secure remote access and mobile access to file servers without the need of traditional VPN hardware and software licenses.

With more and more businesses practicing social distancing and enforcing mandatory work-from-home policies, there is a greater need to facilitate efficient remote work environments without compromising data privacy, security or compliance.

Remote File Server Access Without a VPN

Virtual Private Networks (VPN) have been the default method of remote file access for many years. However, VPN solutions have many problems such as high bandwidth utilization and the high reliance on your remote employee’s unmanaged network. Businesses have been looking for a solution that can combine the security of a file server and the ease of use of a Dropbox type service, together into one single end-to-end solution.

We have that solution for you.

  • Share files with expiration dates to outside personnel

  • Synchronize file and folder permissions.

  • Provide a mapped drive to file storage

  • File locking and versioning

  • Share files with expiration dates to outside personnel

Mobilize your workforce for quick and easy file server remote access, web browser based access and mobile access without a VPN.