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Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Solutions

Wi-Fi Coverage Exactly Where You Need It.

Wireless Solutions For Any Business Need

Hotel Guest Wireless Solutions

Are you struggling to provide your guests reliable Wi-Fi service? Are complaints about spotty Wi-Fi service hurting your business?

Throw away that home grade router you bought at Staples and let us design a scalable and reliable Wi-Fi solution that provides adequate coverage throughout your hotel, regardless of the structure and size of your facility.

  • Provide your staff a secure Wi-Fi network that is separate from your guest Wi-Fi network.
  • Reliable Wi-Fi in each room and throughout your facility.
  • Capture leads and generate advertising income by implementing a custom captive portal login page.
  • Robust and reliable commercial grade equipment built for indoor or outdoor environments.

Secure Office WiFi Solutions

Do you need to provide a secure Wi-Fi network for clients visiting your office as well as to your mobile workforce?

  • We’ll design a Wi-Fi network that is just as secure as your current wired network.
  • Provide secure web content filtering for any type of wireless device accessing your network.
  • Our high-speed Wi-Fi networks utilize the latest Wi-Fi 6 hardware that can keep up with today’s Zoom & WebEx driven workforces.

Outdoor Campus WiFi Coverage

Does your Wi-Fi needs span across multiple buildings or large spread-out campuses?

  • Connect campus buildings via cost effect Wi-Fi bridges instead of high cost fiber optic or copper links.
  • Provide high speed outdoor Wi-Fi with seamless roaming capabilities for student facilities.
  • Rugged outdoor equipment that is built to withstand dirt, humidity, water, extreme temperatures, and more to bridge the digital divide.