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We understand that the real estate industry is dynamic and an ever-changing industry. To stay competitive, you must utilize technology to increase your exposure and productivity, as well as gain access to critical data. With Jaydien, our comprehensive solutions can help you reduce costs, improve operational efficiencies, achieve that competitive advantage and grow your company.

  • Protect your client’s financial and other personal information
  • Exchange sensitive information with buyers, sellers, and banks
  • Maintain HIPPA compliancy while keeping your IT systems simple
  • Display your featured listings in your office with digital signage
  • Allow your agents to bring their own device and seamlessly connect to all the necessary systems
  • Implement a VoIP phone system allowing your agents  to be communicate with clients  whether in the office, working from home or showing a listing
  • Access shared office files from any internet connected computer
“Fantastic customer service 99.99% uptime If we go down we are out of business and we never go down. Long time satisfied client.”
Eric Birchler
Birchler Realtors & Aprraisers


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