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Meet Our Dedicated Team of Professionals

Brian Fleishman

Owner - Senior Network Engineer

Brian graduated from Rowan University in 2000 with a BS in Management Information System. After graduation, he worked in the IT field performing helpdesk support and network administration during the tech boom of the early 2000's. He eventually ventured out on his own and started Jaydien Network Solutions in 2002 with a vision to have an IT consulting company focused on small and medium sized business in the area.

Since then, he has grown Jaydien Network Solutions into a successful MSP company offering not only IT support and service contracts, but sales of IP phones, IP cameras, low-voltage wiring, and cloud solutions.

Brian has a black-belt in United State Black Cat Kenpo, is currently studying Brazilian Jui-Jitsu and has a passion for woodworking and classic cars.

He also met Guy Fieri of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives and after Guy looked over at his wife he told him that he definitely married up!

Pam Loffredo

Office Manager

Prior to Joining Jaydien in 2012, Pam worked for Martindale Hubbell Law Directory for nearly 2 decades where she gained invaluable experience and skills that she has successfully used to transform our office into a well-oiled machine. She has also pulled from her own entrepreneurial experience of owning her own small business for 8 years, which has helped guide our office through our incredible growth.

Pam has strong communication skills and always wears many hats around the office. Whenever there is a problem to be solved, we can always count on Pam to help solve it!

She enjoys spending time with family and friends, comedy shows, camping and travelling. Some fun facts about Pam: She met Bruce Willis and Demi Moore on the set of a movie and she used to have 2 pet sugar gliders named Brody and Daisy.

Michael Demartino

Service Manager

Mike has been working with computers his whole life, and after obtaining his associate’s degree in computer science from Brookdale Community College, he joined the Jaydien support team back in 2014 as entry level technician. Since then, he has continuously expanded his skillset and technical knowledge, moving up the Jaydien ladder and proving that he is a team leader that always puts in the necessary time and effort.

Because of that hard work, Mike is now the senior guy in the office that everyone goes to if they get stumped on a problem. Around the office you hear the phrase “Mike knows” quite a lot. A lot of customers ask to deal directly with Mike due to years of great relationship building. It is a testament to his abilities and his character that he has grown into such a senior role that requires such a large amount of responsibility and leadership.

As our Service Manager, he is responsible for overseeing the other technicians in the office and working hand in hand with the owner Brian and office manager Pam in making critical decisions that help guide our company daily.

Mike was asked to provide his greatest personal attribute for this bio and his response says it all: Strong work ethic and I am not afraid of the unknown.

Outside of work, Mike is a big soccer fan and enjoys watching old kung fu movies. A fun fact about Mike is that he shares the same birthday as Jackie Chan.

Rey Cortez

Network Technician

Rey has been with Jaydien Network Solutions since 2021. His role is as a network technician, and he has proven to be a key team member helping to manage all aspects of our customers' networks. His calming demeanor and ability to not get rattled helps him systematically solve any problem that comes across his desk.It also helps people get through any type of frustrating technical issues.

He attended Lehman College in Bronx, NY and previously worked in the IT department of the City of NY for 10+ years. Rey has a great ability to adapt to changing environments and to quickly learn new IT skills. He's a father of 2 boys, loves baseball, physical fitness and is a craft beer enthusiast. And Rey’s claim to fame is that he has been to 10 major league stadiums, on quest for all 30!

Ryan McGee

Network Technician

Ryan joined the Jaydien team back in September of 2022 as a Network Technician. He brings many years of experience to the table as both a support technician and a network administrator. He previously held an IT support position at Northeast Remsco as well as an IT administrator position at Trinity Solar.

Although he has completed a Network Technician course at AVtech Institute, he feels his greatest professional attribute for performing his job successfully is his intuition.

Ryan likes music and sports, has a Blue Belt in Jui-Jitsu and has been playing bass guitar for 20 years.

Tara Goldstein

Office Assistant

Tara joined our office support staff in September of 2022 and has proven to be a vital team member who helps keep all our ordering, invoicing and service tickets organized and correct. She has a BS from Kean University in Business Management and feels her greatest professional attribute is her hard work and dedication.

She enjoys road trips, new experiences (new places, new restaurants, etc.), kayaking, parasailing and volunteering – especially for our military and veterans. Fun fact – Tara has met many celebrities including hanging out with Toby Keith and his crew until 3am and going to Randy Owens’ home (from the group Alabama) for a BBQ.

Lucas Bird

Repair Technician

Coming soon!

Kyle Durovich

Network Technician

Let me introduce you to Kyle. He graduated from Stockton University in 2021 with a BS in Computer Information systems and previously worked in a school system as an IT technician.

Kyle joined our support team in 2023 and was immediately placed full time on-site at one of our larger customers, supporting a staff of over 50 employees for all their IT related issues. He does a phenomenal job representing Jaydien each day and the employees there love him!

Some of Kyle’s greatest professional attributes are being able to work well under pressure in a fast-paced business environment like IT and being able to keep his work very well organized. He has been involved with jobs that require good customer service skills since he was 16 and it shows.

He enjoys going to the beach, skateboarding, snowboarding, and playing video games with friends. A fun fact about Kyle is that he keeps a list of all the movies he sees and enjoys, it currently has 300+ movies on it!