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Adopting Unifi Devices into your Controller Using SSH

We deploy a lot of Unifi devices for our customers and adopting them into our controller software can be a bit quirky sometimes. The two GUI tools that we are aware of to discover and adopt the devices,  Unifi-Discover (gets installed with the controller software) and Ubiquiti Device Discovery Tool (available as a Chrome App), seem to be hit or miss.
Unifi Discover Tools

What I’ve found to be the easiest and straightforward way to perform the adoption task is to just SSH into the device and issue the proper set-inform command.

There a couple things you’ll need to know ahead of time:

  1. SSH authentication is enabled in your controller (see screenshot below).
  2. The IP address of the device – This can be found by issuing an arp -a command from the Windows CMD prompt or by using an IP scanner tool to find the IP address of your device by using the MAC-ID. By default the devices are set to DHCP out of the box.
  3. The device credentials – If the device is factory defaulted, then the username is ubnt and the password is ubnt. If your device is not factory defaulted, then you can obtain your device credentials by navigating to the Device Authentication section of your controller Site Settings.
    Unifi Controller SSH Settings

One you have the IP address and the credentials, open your favorite SSH client and establish a connection to your device using the discovered IP address and the proper credentials.
Unifi SSH Tool

Once connected, you can simply issue the set-inform command to adopt the device into your controller:

					set-inform http://FQDN:8080/inform

Make sure to replace FQDN with your specific IP Address or Fully Qualified Domain Name.

Once that command is issued, issue the save command.


When the set-inform command is successfully issued, you can issue the info command to verify that your device is using the correct inform URL, as shown below. My URL is:


StorageRoomSwitch16Port-US.6.2.11# info

Model: US-16-150W
MAC Address: f0:9f:c2:df:4e:4e
IP Address:
Hostname: StorageRoomSwitch16Port
Uptime: 2969614 seconds

Status: Connected (


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