Upgrading Your Windows 7 Computer To Windows 10

If you haven’t heard by now, Windows 7 is officially¬†“end of life”. In fact that expiration date for the Windows 7 & Windows Server 2008 operating system actually occurred some time ago. January 20th 2020 to be exact.¬† What does “end of life” that actually mean though? Well, simply put, Microsoft will no longer provide […]

Working From Home in this “New Normal” Work Environment

Now that we are fully engulfed in this COVID-19 pandemic, business owners and mangers must implement a bullet proof digital solution to that enables your staff to “work from home” effectively and efficiently. No longer is working from home considered a temporary solution to a personnel issue or something that can be allowed once in […]

Hotel Wireless Solution – Whitepaper

The Problem: A client came to us with a common problem, they were getting spotty WiFi signal throughout their hotel and needed a solution. Guests were complaining that after checking in, they would go to their room and then realize that there was no WiFi signal. Aside from complaining, they would wind up sitting in […]