Is Your Phone Number Marked as SPAM? Here Is How You Can Whitelist It.

One of my clients informed me today that when they make outgoing calls, their caller ID number is showing up as spam on the recipient’s phone. Call blocking /typically happens at the recipient’s carrier and sometimes works in conjunction with an APP that is install on the wireless phone that allows you to mark calls as SPAM as you receive them.

Carriers also watch for how many calls they get concurrently or overall from a unique phone number, if its a disconnected number, and are beginning to use caller ID reputation registries. Worst of all, scammers can hijack your number and ruin your business phone numbers reputation.

We can attempt to fix this by whitelisting the phone with the major carriers. 

With this particular customer’s PBX configuration, all outgoing calls use the same caller-id phone number: 732-XXX-XXXX. This makes it a bit simpler when attempting to whitelist the phone number because you only need to focus on one specific number.  If your PBX ‘s outgoing dial-plan rules attach each extensions’ direct dial number to the outgoing caller id information, then you will need to track down which DID is affected and submit the whitelist request to each carrier for each specific DID number.

Some websites allow you to upload a bulk list of numbers, but most do not. Here are links to 4 main carrier whitelisting registries for North America:




Comcast / XFinity

First Orion, Hiya and Transaction Network Services


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