Researching IT Services in NJ: What Type of Support is Best?

Researching IT Services in NJ: What Type of Support is Best?

As a business owner, ensuring the successful management of IT services is a necessity. In a society saturated with devices, networks, and remote environments, your organization needs to stay up-to-date with the latest tech and stay protected from the slew of cybersecurity threats introduced each day. And what about software and hardware issues that your staff may encounter during the work day? Do you have an expert in-house that can offer the IT support you need? With all this in mind, we fully recommend hiring IT services in NJ to manage all of your IT needs effectively and affordably. 

IT Services in NJ: What Are They?

It’s safe to say that your organization’s technology-driven operations will require support. IT support services are a type of third-party service that delivers just that. Even the most technically skilled staff members on your team can make errors. This, on top of an ever-evolving landscape of technology, your business is sure to encounter problems that need swift solutions. That’s why it’s critical for you to find IT companies that provide high-quality managed IT support services. These professionals can help your internal IT department focus on tasks that are beneficial to the company rather than wasting time and resources on typical maintenance or minor user difficulties. Let’s take a look at the many types of IT services available to your business and discover which is best for you.

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Types of IT Services

There is a multitude of IT services in NJ that are available to your business. Depending on the industry in which you operate in, you may have unique IT support needs. However, most IT support services can be boiled down into three major types: monitoring, design, and active support.


The most susceptible organizations to cyberattacks are those that handle consumer information or require sensitive credentials to access. Monitoring IT services will keep a careful eye on your network and respond quickly in the event of an attack. The difference between a minor disruption and a total loss of service may be mere seconds. For this reason, outsourcing a team of IT experts is so important. They will be able to monitor any active service or software used by your staff or customers.


The most difficult aspect of ensuring your IT infrastructure is knowing how to get started or when to scale it as your company grows. This is where IT design assistance comes into play. This type of IT service in NJ  involves a professional or team reviewing and analyzing your infrastructure. They will evaluate whether you should upgrade or expand your hardware, software, or network. The majority of IT support service providers even offer long-term support or warranties on any design they implement.

Active Support

Active support is the most popular form of IT service. This type of IT service has been utilized by almost everyone at some time or another. When an employee or customer is looking for real-time assistance with a product, website, or software of some kind, active support is there for the rescue. With managed IT services in NJ, experts will be available to you and your employees over the phone or via live chat.

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Jaydien Network Solutions

When it comes to IT Services in NJ, Jaydien Network Solutions offers the best support for your business. We have been offering all three major types of IT support and more since 2002. Whether you’re looking for a managed service provider, retainer-based support, or break-fix support, our team of IT specialists has you covered. What are you waiting for? Sign a service contract with Jaydien Network Solutions today to get started.

We have the tech know-how you need to take your work to the next level! Whether you’re looking for wireless solutions or you’re setting up a business phone system, we have the tools and expertise you need to get started! Reach out today and let us make IT work for you!

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