Residential support

Is your computer running slowly? Did your computer crash? We can fix it. Call us today for any type of repair service on your Windows PC or Apple Computer.
Virus Removal

Most of the time when a customer tells us that their computer is running slowly, usually it is because they have either a virus or some sort of malware (Malicious Software).

We can clean out that virus or remove that unwanted malware, usually the same day you drop it off!


The biggest risk of using a computer that has an active virus or malware infection is the risk of identity theft. Don’t risk getting your identity stolen or having your sensitive bank or financial information compromised.


Get your computer cleaned today.

Laptop Repair

We can assist you with any type of laptop repair at an affordable price.

  • Cracked laptop screen
  • Broken hinge
  • Defective keyboard
  • Broken charging port
  • Lost power supply
  • Failing hard drive


Just because your laptop has one of these issues, doesn’t mean you need to buy a new laptop. It can most likely be repaired.


Batteries are also a common item on a laptop to fail, tethering you to a wall outlet instead of allowing you to be mobile. We can order replacement batteries for just about any type of laptop computer on the market.

Cell Phone Repair

When you need professional repair services for your cell phone, tablet, or other smart device, our professional repair technicians can help. From cracked screen replacements, water damage repair, batteries replacement and much more. You can rely on us for solutions to the most common issues with your devices.


Stop in today to speak to one of our friendly technicians.


We are conveniently located in the Lions Head Office Park on Beaverson Blvd in Brick.

Desktop Repair

A failing hard drive in your desktop doesn’t mean you need to go out and buy an new computer. All it needs is one of our experienced technicians to fix it! We can clone your hard drive onto a new one in a matter of hours and have you back up and running the same day.


Is your Windows computer starting to show it’s age? Let us upgrade the memory or the Windows operating system and breathe new life into your computer.


Here are some of the common repairs we perform:

  • Laptop Screen repair
  • Laptop Keyboard repair
  • Hard Drive replacement
  • Memory upgrades
  • Battery replacement
  • Data Backup and Restore
  • Data transfer (To a new computer)

Our Pricing

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