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Using E-Discovery To Download All Communication Between An Internal User/Domain and An Outside Recipient/Domain

This blog article will explain how you can search and export all communications (Email, Teams, Sharepoint, etc…) from your Office365 tennant for a specific internal email sender or entire internal email domain TO A specific outside email recipient or entire email domain.

An example use case of this would be receiving a subpoena to provide all communication from a specific employee OR all employees in your company to any recipient in an external email domain (Customer, client, vendor, etc…). 

To perform this task we will be using the E-Discovery section of the Microsoft Compliance Admin tool.

Compliance Admin

To begin, log into the Compliance Manager (Using the Microsoft Edge browser).


  1. Using the Microsoft Edge browser – Navigate to the eDiscovery section.

  1. Create a new case
  2. Click on the newly created case and choose new search.
  3. Give your search a friendly name and choose your location(s) to search. In this case I am just searching the Exchange service, but more services could be chosen if needed. Also, I am choosing All Users as my search criteria but if you wanted to just choose a specific internal email user to search upon, you could do so as well.
  4. Enter in your specific Search Conditions. In this case I want to find all emails to and from between the specified dates. 
  5.  Once finished, save your search and click done.

  6. You can check the status of your search by clicking on the search in the list. Once completed, you can choose to export and download the results to a PST file for review. Please note that you need to use edge to export and download the results. Using any other browser will produce an empty zip file.


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