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Zero Trust Network Security: What It Is and How It Can Help

Zero Trust Network Security: What It Is and How It Can Help

Have you heard of Zero Trust network security before? If not, you’ve clicked on the right link. In today’s modern digitally transformed world, securing your organization’s infrastructure and data is paramount. As a business owner, you may encounter several modern challenges including securing remote workers, hybrid cloud environments, and ransomware threats. To successfully combat these challenges, you may want to follow the Zero Trust security framework.

What is Zero Trust?

Unlike other security frameworks, the Zero Trust security framework does not require users to be inside the business’s network in order for them to gain or keep access to applications and data. This is because there is no traditional network edge; instead, networks can be local, in the cloud, or be a hybrid of both with resources and workers located anywhere.

 Zero Trust secures a business by eliminating implicit trust and continuously validating every stage of digital interaction. That’s where the term “Zero Trust” comes from: “never trusting, always verifying.” It is designed to protect businesses by using strong authentication methods, leveraging network segmentation, preventing lateral movement, providing Layer 7 threat prevention, and simplifying granular policies.

How Does  Zero Trust Network Security Work?

The Zero Trust framework employs risk-based multi-factor authentication, identity protection, next-generation endpoint security, robust cloud workload technology, encryption of data, and email security to verify a user or system’s identity. In other words, Zero Trust network security architectures rely on businesses constantly monitoring and validating that a user and their device have the appropriate privileges and attributes. This also requires businesses to enforce a policy that factors in risk assessments of compliance or other requirements before permitting access. 

Above all, in order for Zero Trust security to be effective, the business must know all service accounts as well as privileged ones, along with having control over what they have access to and where they are connecting from. This means single validation attempts won’t work because both threats and user attributes can change over time. As a result, businesses must ensure all access requests are vetted continuously prior to allowing access to their assets.

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Is Zero Trust Right For Your Business?

If you’re unsure if Zero Trust network security is right for your business, we suggest considering implementing a Zero Trust framework if your infrastructure includes:


  • Legacy systems
  • Unmanaged devices
  • SaaS apps
  • Multi-cloud, multi-identity

Additionally, we urge implementing Zero Trust immediately if your business has experienced significant threats including:

  • Ransomware
  • Supply chain attacks
  • Insider threats

Finally, we recommend implementing Zero Trust if your business has any of the following considerations:

  • Analyst expertise challenges
  • Industry / compliance requirements
  • Concern about retaining cyber insurance
  • User experience impact

Every business is different. Each business encounters different sets of challenges based on its industry, digital transformation level, and existing security approach. Zero Trust, if implemented correctly, may adapt to meet specific demands while still delivering a return on your security plan. But why try to implement Zero Trust on your own? Leave it to the professionals to successfully secure your business network.

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Trust Jaydien Network Solutions With Zero Trust

In today’s digital environment, network performance and security are more important than ever. Thankfully, the dedicated team at Jaydien Network Solutions has the experience necessary to take care of your business’s IT security needs and implement a successful Zero Trust framework. For reliable managed IT services you, your employees, and your customers can count on, take advantage of our free network audit today. Still have questions? We have the answers you need. Reach out to Jaydien Network Solutions today to get started.

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